DiversWarehouse.com has partnered with ScanAlert to ensure that your personal information is protected by the highest levels of security. Our servers are scanned using the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test, which tests for all known vulnerabilities hackers use to attack servers and obtain personal information. Only after a server has passed this industry leading test does it obtain the HACKER SAFE certification, ensuring your personal information is protected from hacker activity. Any site obtaining this certification has demonstrated the ability to securely conduct business on the Internet.

In addition to being HACKER SAFE certified, all transactions carried out on DiversWarehouse.com are encrypted via a 128-bit SSL secure encryption, universally regarded as the most secure encryption for internet transactions. All data transferred to and from your computer during checkout is encrypted using this technology, making it virtually impossible for a third-party to obtain the information once it has left your computer.

Even after your data is entered into our databases, security is still a main priority. Not even we can tell you what your password is because they are one-way encrypted. When you log in, your password is encrypted using our proprietary algorithm, the output is compared to your stored encrypted password, and only if a match is found are you allowed access to an area of the site that would display your personal information.