Our trained Scuba regulator technicians will do a full service annual overhaul of your scuba regulator 1st stage 2nd stages, pressure Gauge and inflator hose.
This service includes a complete dissemble of the entire scuba regulator set , sonic bath cleaning of all metal parts and installing the scuba manufacturers annual service kit.
We will clean and lube all components and reassemble the regulator.
Our technicians will also inspect and clean your HP spool for your pressure gauge.

**Please note**
If your regulator needs parts or replaced items beyond an annual service kit we will quote you the cost of those items to be repaired or replaced.

We will also put your regulator through our flow bench test to check for  manufacturers rated intermediate pressure on the first stage and cycle your reg several times to seat all the new parts. We will check and adjust the cracking pressure to the 2nd stage for optimal breathing performance.

Scuba dive Computers will be checked for battery needs and dive computer batteries  will be replaced when needed.

Note* Older Scuba regulators may not have parts available for them. Please ask.